Have you ever thought about making your own Almond Mylk? or any nut mylk at all? You may be surprised to know that it’s SUPER easy! You can alter the recipe to make as much or as little milk as you like, how sweet the milk is and even how thick it is too! More and more people are becoming increasingly health conscious and with this rise – people are also listening to their bodies more! FINALLY!! as milk and gluten intolerances are on the rise, why not stay away from those nasty 2 as well as the synthetic ingredients found in those super expensive gluten free/dairy free products. It’s much cheaper to make it yourself and you might actually be surprised at how good they taste!
We’re starting this Gluten Free/ Dairy Free recipe collection with a really easy, 2 ingredient Almond mylk.
Serves: 4
  1. 1 & 1/2 cups of raw almonds (220g) – it’s best to buy these from a health food shop to ensure that there’s no nasty chemical residue on the nuts – you don’t want to be drinking the chemicals too!
  2. 4 cups of water (1 L)
Method (Basic):
In a large bowl, add all of your raw almonds and then fill the bowl with water.
PLEASE NOTE: you can use your 4 cups of water in this process or you can use however much water and drain this from your nuts and use new water (the 4 cups) to make the mylk.
Let this soak overnight as this will help to soften the nuts for when you blend them. If you wish to use fresh water, drain these nuts in a colander, place the nuts in a blender and begin to add your 4 cups of water. If you used your 4 cups to soak the nuts – simply just pour both the nuts and the water into the blender.
Once you have blended the almonds and milk to a fine liquid, use a sieve, a nut mylk bag or some muslin to drain your “Mylk” from the almonds. you may need to drain this into a large bowl as this part can get messy if you try to squeeze it directly into your milk jar.
Once you have drained the mylk from the almonds – you can either use the left over almond powder for almond meal or just simply throw this away.
With the remaining mylk, pour it into a jar/jug and place it into the fridge until it becomes cool enough to drink.
Please note that because this mylk is fresh, it will go off quicker than processed supermarket nut mylk so it’s best to drink it within 2-3 days, this is why it’s easier to make it 1 liter at a time.

Method (Sweetened):

To sweeten your nut mylk, simply add 2-4 pitted dates in the blending process – this will naturally sweeten your mylk.

Method (Thicker):

If you prefer your nut mylk to be thicker – all you have to do is use a bit more almonds (250g) and a bit less water (900ml).

Hope you enjoy this recipe! let us know how you went.