Women’s    Health

Women’s Health incorporates a broad range of conditions beginning with the changes in adolescent girls right through to menopause. The use of acupuncture may be used in conjunction with other treatments to assist with some of these conditions.

The onset of puberty in girls is the beginning of many changes in their body, both physically and mentally. We understand that the progression from puberty to pregnancy, motherhood and finally menopause is not an easy journey to navigate. At any stage during this journey, women may encounter symptoms that they may be unsure how to manage alone. Many women seek alternative health care as another means for treatment to assist them in overcoming their various symptoms, and in some cases, prevent these conditions. 

Environment, diet, lifestyle, emotions and many other factors can upset the fine balance of the reproductive system. Chinese medicine views balancing out both the internal organs and reproductive channels. We at AcuHealth understand the importance of creating and maintaining a balance throughout the different phases of a womens journey through life.

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